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​​​​​June 7, 2020 Pastor BIll Long "From the Visible to the Eternal"  Bulletin

​​​​​June 28, 2020 Pastor BIll Long "Either Or"   Bulletin

Archived Sermons

​​​​​July 5, 2020 Pastor BIll Long "For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free"


​​​​​May 24, 2020 Pastor BIll Long "A Strange Easter Season"   Bulletin

​​​​​June 14, 2020 Pastor BIll Long  "Merry Christmas: And It's Not Even a Hallmark Story"Bulletin

Online Sermons

​​​May 3, 2020 Pastor Bill Long  "I Am..."  Click here  for Bulletin

​​​​​June 21, 2020 Pastor BIll Long  "Where Are We?"  Bulletin

​​​​​July 12, 2020 Pastor BIll Long  "Biblical Gardening"


​​​​​May 17, 2020 Pastor Bill Long  "To An Unknown God"   Bulletin

April 26, 2020 Pastor BIll Long  "The Emmaus Road: Our Journey with Christ"  Click here for Bulletin

April 19, 2020 Pastor Bill Long  "Those Who Have Not Seen"  Click here for Bulletin

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​​​​​May 31, 2020 Pastor BIll Long "Signs and Wonders"   Bulletin

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